Cheryl Pepsii Riley @ City Winery 4/17/19

City Winery  · 


In a business filled with here-today-and-gone-tomorrow artists, few have maintained the consistency of Cheryl Pepsii Riley. Cheryl, affectionately called “Pepsii” by her friends, exploded onto the music scene in 1988 with her debut album, Me, Myself, and I. This album, unlike most being released during that time, featured songs filled with positive and encouraging messages. From that album, Cheryl recorded her #1 smash hit “Thanks For My Child.” This song, considered by many women, an anthem of hope and courage, catapulted this Brooklyn, New York, native to national and international acclaim. Her follow-up project, Chapters, produced the single, “How Can You Hurt The One You Love,” which continued in her vein of social consciousness by addressing the issue of domestic violence. In 1992, Cheryl changed record companies and released the album, All That. For this venture as well as the last, Cheryl broadened her artistic involvement by writing and producing most of the songs, including the hit single, “Gimme.”


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