It will take lots of lira for this Italian job

I can’t imagine what the cost will be for Michigan schlepping its entire football roster over to Rome for the final three workouts of spring practice, and I’m pretty sure head coach Jim Harbaugh isn’t going to tell us.

But Harbaugh did drop a hint on Wednesday when he said that one anonymous donor will foot the bill for the entire trip.

All this started when the NCAA told Harbaugh he couldn’t take the Wolverines on the road for spring practice, like he did last year.

This is who I think the deep-pockets guy is.

Clearly, he is no one to be messed with.

Maybe the NCAA will let this happen and hope it goes away. But if Harbaugh goes through with his plan to see the world, you can bet that college football’s other billionaire boosters are going to get a call from their head coaches inquiring about world-wide travel budgets.

Hello, Les Wexner.

Urban Meyer on Line 1.

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