The Hooley, Tuesday, May 3

I don’t know how the Gareon Conley rape allegations will reach a conclusion. I’m not invested in the outcome beyond being informed and keeping you that way. It’s a story I wish I didn’t have to discuss on 1057 The Zone, because I try to do a show that’s far more uplifting and mentally stimulating than the he said/she said involved in this matter.

I’m not naïve to the ways of young people or the culture of athletes and hero worship. It’s not the sort of behavior I would condone from my kids if they were the age of Conley or the girl who alleges he assaulted her. You can say I couldn’t stop it, even if I’ve counselled against it, and you’d be right. But I can guarantee you my daughters would know how strongly I’d disapprove of pursuing an athlete the way the video from the bar that night makes it appear she pursued Conley.

But let’s make this clear. If she said, no, at any point that night, during or before whatever happened, then Gareon Conley should be prosecuted and a jury should determine the outcome.

There’s a cautionary tale here, too. The day before Conley’s accuser came forward, some OSU fans delighted in the news that Michigan’s Jabril Peppers tested for a diluted sample in drug testing at the NFL Combine.

It’s always best not to exult in the misfortune of others. You never know what the next day’s headlines will bring.

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