Incubus killed at Lakewood!....But before they did I met up with them backstage to talk about the new album, 8, and the "musical savant" that made it happen. Turns out the album was done...and after hearing one song, they decided it wasn't. Mike Einziger (guitarist) and Jose Pasillas (drums) will tell you all about it.

Also, I had to talk with Mike about some new technology he's been working on, MixHalo. This new app could seriously change the future of concerts. Not an understatement. How many times have you been at a show and it sounds strange? Maybe where you happen to be standing in the club is a great view but sounds terrible. Or my BIGGEST pet peeve-the people behind you just keep talking...happens all the time. What if you had a headset that let you listen to the same mix the band was listening to? That's a real thing. It's called MixHalo and Mike has all the details.



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