Here are the questions we asked Brett McMurphy

OSU's opener is 12 days away, but the end of the Urban Meyer investigation seems even closer

Reporter Brett McMurphy joined Spielman& Hooley on Monday to discuss his explosive story published via on Friday detailing lurid behavior by former Ohio State football assistant coach Zach Smith.

You can listen to the entire interview here, in which McMurphy answered the following questions:

# Can you confirm that the committee investigating Urban Meyer finished its work on Sunday?

# Why did you deem the details of Zach Smith’s brazen behavior to be relevant enough to publish?

# Did you hang onto the story for publication on the same date OSU announced its timetable for the conclusion to the Meyer investigation in order to capture maximum news impact?

# Explain the edits to your original story posted on Facebook in which charges against Zach Smith from an October 2015 domestic violence were reported on way, then changed.

# Do you think the way your story was originally reported on Facebook influenced how Urban Meyer answered questions about Zach Smith and the October 2015 domestic violence incident in Powell?

# Did you contact Ohio State on Friday for comment on the story you published about Zach Smith’s brazen behavior as an OSU assistant?

# Why does your reporting on this story differ significantly from the stories reported on Facebook by Jeff Snook?

# Did the committee investigating Urban Meyer know about or view the photos of Zach Smith’s genitalia that you reported about on Friday?

# Were the photos you reported about on Friday kept private by Zach Smith or did he share them via a web site or in some other way?

# Was the woman photographed engaging in sexual acts with Zach Smith at the OSU football facility transferred out of the football office by her request or someone else’s request?

# What is your prediction for how this ends for Urban Meyer?


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