Jimmy Buffet's Plan To Demolish Atlanta's Most Historic Recording Studio

If you have ever been to Centennial Olympic Park or maybe taken a ride on SkyView, the ferris wheel across the street you probably walked right past 152 Nassau Street where Fiddlin John Carson recorded "Old Log Cabin In The Lane" in 1923 and several other cuts. They sold more than 500,000 copies which was unheard of at the time-especially for a musician that had literally been performing on street corners for change. Ralph Peer recorded several artists there that some have pointed to as the beginning of country music. The stories of that building have been cited by PBS "American Experience" and Country Music Hall Of Fame.

That studio is in danger of becoming a parking lot.

Wyndham Destinations and Margaritaville Vacation Club wants the land. All of it. Jimmy Buffet. The irony of a musician bulldozing a piece of music history to sell some margaritas and t-shirts.

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