Nighttime E-Scooter ban in Atlanta - EFFECTIVE NOW!



Friday, August 9 2019 was the first official night of the electronic scooter ban in Atlanta.

Now until further notice, during the hours of 9pm - 4am there will be NO riding of electronic scooters or bikes such as Bird, Lime, Jump, Uber, ect. Period. Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms called for the ban after Atlanta took the nation's lead in scooter related deaths with 4 deadly accidents in 2019. Electronic scooter companies are expected to comply with Lance Bottoms and make the machines inoperable during the hours of 9pm - 4am, or risk losing their permit within the city. Officials say this ban is not permanent, but a temporary, cautionary approach towards safely integrating e-scooters and e-bikes into Atlanta's transportation network.

**ADDITIONALLY: if you are caught riding an electronic scooter ON A SIDEWALK DURING ANY POINT OF THE DAY you could be fined up to $1,000. - - - it is ILLEGAL!**

image from Getty Images


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