Bishop Briggs Shares Powerful 'Tattooed On My Heart' Live Video: Watch

Last month Bishop Briggs shared the ultimate breakup anthem in her new single "Tattooed On My Heart," and now she's gifted us with a powerful live video showcasing her, two backup singers, and a keyboardist performing a stripped down version of the song. The singer-songwriter wrote a statement about the song, which was written about her ex-boyfriend.

"I have lots of tattoos - too many to count," she said. "I have tattoos that remind me of him or tattoos we got together but I truly don’t regret any of them. Seeing them on my body brings back countless memories and lessons - they’re reminders of my being."

"But the one tattoo that feels different than all of the ones on the outside is the one sitting on my heart and this thought process is where my new song, ‘Tattooed On My Heart’, was born," she continued. "I’m still waiting for the day that it’ll begin to dissolve but for now, I’ll just sing about it.”

Watch the live video below.


"Tattooed On My Heart" is Briggs' second single this year, following "Champion." She plans to head on a North American tour this fall. Check out a full list of dates here.

Photo: YouTube


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