Gerard Way Details Bizarre Dream And How It Relates To MCR's Return

2006 MTV VMA Top Of The Rock

2006 MTV VMA Top Of The Rock

My Chemical Romance's lauded reunion came to a screeching halt last month, when the coronavirus pandemic forced dozens of artists to cancel or postpone tour dates, but Gerard Way is optimistic for his band's triumphant return, when it's safe to do so. On Friday (April 3), the singer detailed a dream on Instagram that bizarrely relates to MCR's eventual return to the stage.

"Woke up from a strange dream last night. In it, my Mom and I were at Bon Jovi’s Bar And Grill drinking frozen margaritas and eating fried plantains," he explained. "The Padres were playing against the Yankees in the world series, but the Padres were playing for La and wearing Dodgers uniforms. Then, my Mom, Linds and I and our children (yes, plural), were at a stadium in Pasadena watching it. Mid-game, the score was 21 Yankees and 9 Padres/Dodgers, but La was rallying and shouting 'We’ll Fix It!', and that slogan was emblazoned on all the teleprompters, but it wasn’t looking good for the Padres and Jimmy Fallon was in a rocket with an audience member for the halftime show and they were doing this really dangerous daredevil type stunt."

"Bandit was with us and a teenager, but we also had two boys, about three years apart from each other, and they were constantly messing with each other and we had to have stern talks with them," he continued. "The older boy had kind of wild long-ish dark hair, and the younger boy had shorter spikey blonde hair and glasses. We encountered a really crazy tall high-tech toilet, but none of us knew how to use it. Then we left the game early because I had to go sing Cancer at a college in Philadelphia, for some kind of end of year Christmas pageant at the school, sponsored by Heavy Metal Magazine. So then the stadium was in NY, and we were in NJ waiting for the driver to take us to Philly, but I didn’t tell the driver we left early and needed to be picked up in NJ, and he was stuck in post-game traffic, so it was looking like I was going to miss my performance. While waiting for the driver, I would go on these short walks and if I walked a few blocks through twists and turns, I would be in Italy. I woke up and ["The Show Must Go One"] by Queen was in my head and that’s my night and morning. I had a little more hope."

"I don’t take the song to mean that the guys and I would just get back on stage despite world events and recommendations," he clarified. "Everyone’s health and safety is most important to us. And we know when the time is right, whenever that day comes, we will get on stage again. I think the Queen song has multiple meanings—if you haven’t heard it in a while you should check it out. ❤️"

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