Incubus' Brandon Boyd Duets With 'American Idol' Hopeful Casey Bishop

Brandon Boyd hit the American Idol stage to perform an Incubus favorite.

This week’s broadcast of the singing competition show saw the frontman of the California-based rock band join top 24 contestant Casey Bishop for a moving duet performance of Incubus’ “Wish You Were Here.” The performance came after the 15-year-old commanded the stage with an electrifying cover of Paramore’s unforgettable smash hit “Decode.”

“Do you feel nerves before you’re about to perform?” Bishop asked Boyd during their rehearsal session, to which he admitted, “Always.”

When she asks if there’s anything he does to ease his anxiety ahead of a performance, Boyd offered some superhero-inspired advice.

“Maybe you’ve heard of it, I think it’s called a power pose. Two minutes before you go on stage, find your superhero stance … with your head high like you’re … about to help humanity,” advised Boyd as he channeled his own heroic pose, quipping, “These are secrets of the rock world, my friend.”

“I dig my toes into the sand / The ocean looks like a thousand diamonds strewn across a blue blanket,” the 45-year-old opens the presentation as Bishop takes over, “I lean against the wind, pretend that I am weightless / And in this moment I am happy, happy.”

Judge Lionel Richie praised Bishop’s performance, calling her “one of the special ones in this whole group. You are standing on this stage owning it.”

Watch Brandon Boyd and Casey Bishop's American Idol performance above.

Photo: YouTube

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