Watch This 9-Year-Old Girl Slay A 15-Song Tool Medley On Guitar

Photo: YouTube/Getty Images

Maya Neelakantan is a force to be reckoned with. After TOOL guitarist Adam Jones gifted her one of his signature Gibson Les Paul guitars, the 9-year-old prodigy promptly used it to slay a 15-song medley of TOOL songs, focusing on clean, non-distorted riffs. She uploaded the nearly 11-minute-long video to YouTube, which features snippets of “Intension,” “Vicarious,” “7empest” (she has this one down), “Right in Two,” “Invincible,” “Lost Keys,” “The Patient,” “Pneuma,” “Descending,” “Pushit,” “Eon Blue Apocalypse,” “Third Eye,” “Wings for Marie,” and lastly “Parabol/Parabola.”

"It took a lot of time and process to come up with this and I am very happy with the final result!" Neelakantan wrote in the video's description. "First I started thinking about all the cool Clean sections played by Adam Jones. When I am playing some parts, my brain starts to connect that to a completely different part in another song. I followed this thought and gradually assembled together what is now a MASHUP of 15 different Tool Songs!"

"What I like the most in this is how each song connects nicely to the next one and it's not random!" she continued. "This is a completely thought out video and I had such a blast with it! If you are a Tool fan, you will definitely, definitely enjoy this!!!"

This isn't the first time we've seen Neelakantan cover TOOL. In June, she shared a video where she absolutely shreds "7empest."

Watch her 15-song TOOL medley below.

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