Taco Bell Announces Return Of Fan-Favorite Menu Item

Taco Bell Cityscape

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Taco Bell Chief Marketing Officer Taylor Montgomery announced the restaurant's plan to soon return a fan-favorite Enchirito during a Reddit AMA on Monday (May 22).

Montgomery, using the @RealTacoBell Reddit account, answered a post in which user @Westcoastsmoth wrote that "the Enchirito was amazing" and that they'd "order it if it was still available."

"Late last year the Enchirito won the fan vote to temporarily come back on the menu. If you missed it, don't worry, I can confirm publicly for the first time that it will be back very soon for a limited time," Montgomery wrote.

The Enchirito gets its explanatory name by combining a burrito and enchilada. The menu item was initially offered in the early 1970s and discontinued in the 2013 though, as Montgomery mentioned, was once again offered temporarily for two weeks in November 2022.

Montgomery also confirmed that the popular Volcano menu items -- which were initially teased to make a comeback in March -- will once again be offered to rewards members on June 27 and all other consumers on June 29.

"It's coming back! Rewards members can get it through early access on June 27 -- go buy a lot of it so we can make it permanent," Montgomery wrote in response to a user who requested the volcano make a permanent return.

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