Ohio Restaurant Serves The 'Best Fried Chicken' In The State

Photo: krblokhin/iStock/Getty Images

Just because we're not in the South doesn't mean you're never too far from delicious fried chicken. Whether you prefer your fried chicken perfectly-spiced and crunchy, on top of syrupy waffles or covered in a special hot sauce and served with white bread, there is no shortage of incredible restaurants waiting to serve up the savory, crispy dish.

Taste of Home gathered up an updated list of the best spot in each state to find fried chicken, from true Southern delicacies in the Deep South to even incredible dishes up North and even a few surprises like vegan chicken.

According to Taste of Home, the best fried chicken in all of Ohio is served at Belgrade Gardens outside of Akron. This longtime favorite, which has a 4.3 star rating and over 1,300 reviews, has been dishing out delicious meals, including its tasty fried chicken, since 1933. Belgrade Gardens is located at 401 E. State Street in Barberton.

Here's what the site had to say:

"What better place to sink your teeth into the crispiest, crunchiest chicken than the 'Fried Chicken Capital of the World'? Belgrade Gardens not only lives up to its city's nickname with its juicy pieces (the owner was the first to serve the chicken back), it also offers a hot relish for dipping unlike anything we've tasted."

Check out the full list at Taste of Home to see what other restaurants are serving up the best fried chicken in the country.

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