Visit Stranger Things Filming Locations!

Who doesn't love Stranger Things, right? Netflix's smash hit show may take place in Hawkins, Indiana but as we all know by now it's actually filmed all over Metro-Atlanta. While it's definitely cool to recognize different local areas on the show, now we can actually go to the filming locations thanks to Atlanta Movie Tours. The brand new Atlanta Upside Down tour is a 3.5 hour bus tour that takes you to the most iconic locations of all 3 seasons of Stranger Things including: Benny's Burgers, Hopper's Cabin, "Chicago", The Palace Arcade, and even the entrance to the Upside Down!! As a huge Stranger Things nerd, I personally hope they include StarCourt Mall aka Gwinnett Place Mall in Duluth aka where I, (Jill) spend 80% of my childhood. The tour also features trivia on the bus and behind the scenes info you can't get anywhere else. **books reservation** 

Click here to make a reservation for the Atlanta Upside Down tour!

Photo from: Getty Images


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