Piece of Atlanta Music History Might Get Demolished...

Ever notice a small, old looking building kinda across from Atlanta's Sky View ferris wheel? That's 152 Nassau St., what used to be a music studio - where the first country music hit was recorded nearly a century ago! No Big Deal, right? Wrong! That's a piece of Atlanta Music History - shoot, American Music History if you ask me...Then why would Atlanta sell the property to be demolished and turned in to..ironically..a Margaritaville hotel endorsed by none other than Jimmy Buffet? Luckily, the Atlanta Country Music Hall of Fame organization decided to sue the city of Atlanta after the city did not make moves to preserve the building as an official landmark. Earlier this week, those who hold hope for the building’s survival gathered to show their support. The meeting that was to be held regarding the future of the building today was postponed for now. No date has been announced for the rescheduled hearing but for now a Fulton County judge has stopped demolition until further notice.

We will keep you posted, concerned citizens of Atlanta!


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