Billie Eilish Apparently Dated a "Bad Guy"

Recently in an interview on The Howard Stern Show, Billie Eilish described a terrible date that she went on a few years ago with an unnamed fellow, to her brother and Howard Stern. Given Eilish is only 17, it couldn't have been that long ago, right? So the scoop is, Billie was 13 years old and the movie date took place the day before Valentine's Day. Apparently her date brought his butler.....(like who has a butler) but anyways, brought his butler who stayed the entire duration of the date, ew. When she and her date went to part ways and he kissed her...he told her something no woman ever wants to hear - "That was not as magical as I thought it was going to be". OUCH dude. Yes, they were young teens but hey it stuck in her head so must've meant something, right?

So that was the end of Billie Eilish and what's his face...but if I'm honest, I wish she would release his identity. Muwahaha.


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