How You Can Help Hurricane Dorian Victims

So I just read a Dorian update that said it is lessening in intensity from a Category 5 to a Category 3...yet growing in size..don't know if that's better or worse? However, people are still continuing to evacuate in coastal counties all across Georgia, Florida and the Carolina's as Hurricane Dorian slowly creeps Northeast at 2 mph.....yes TWO mph. This is actually super slow for a storm and therefore it is wreaking havoc for longer periods of time than usual. That being said, The Bahamas just go POUNDED by what's being called the strongest winds to ever hit the island; and Dorian is headed to the U.S. next, so if you were thinking about donating to a good cause - now is the time!!! ABC Action News has complied a list of places to donate to and items to donate to Hurricane Doria victims, see it HERE.

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