Pizza ATMs Are A Thing!

Well, this is super exciting!

Ever get a craving for pizza but it's too late and all the shops are closed?

A company called Paline has created the first ever "Pizza ATM," and it's coming our way soon!

The machine is just like a regular ATM, but instead of money it delivers fresh pizza to it's users! It's already being used at a college in Cincinnati and will be coming to many more locations shortly. 

So what does it look like? Check out this diagram:

So cool, right? This is how it works:

"Pizza dough is stored in a refrigerated section, and when an order is place, the dough is moved into an oven. After three minutes, it's popped in a box ready to go."

They say the machine stores 70 pizzas at a time, and is available 24/7! They're also providing them to pizzerias, so you're not getting the exact same pizza at every machine. You're still getting quality pizza! 

I'm so down!

Cole Selleck

Cole Selleck

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