Chris Carrabba Says New Dashboard Confessional Will Be Like Old Dashboard

Here's some good news for old school Dashboard Confessional fans! 

So often with our favorite bands we tend to like the new music, but say "well, the old stuff was better." Well, people who say that about Dashboard will be very excited. In a new interview with Billboardfrontman (and brain child) Chris Carrabba says that new Dashboard will sound like old Dashboard!

Not only does Chris go into detail about this, he also reveals that HE likes the old stuff better too! 

"It's probably not savvy to say this, but I've begun to admit that I like my older records better—and I know why."

"As time went on, people came along with good and different ideas, and one thing I kept hearing a lot is that lyrics don't matter—and I think I'm not the right guy to say that to. They might be completely right, but that's why I write songs. So this (upcoming) record, to me, is very much like the first three and a half records, where it's just like—I have something to say, not just a nice thing to sing."

Can't argue with that, right? Chris also discussed that he has a LOT of material ready for the album too.

"I would say we have 40 songs that I would actually pick from. Let's just say there's no shortage of songs, and I think there's a good record in there.

"On the other hand I'm still writing… Not because I'm like, 'Oh, I've got to amass material,' but because I'm just inspired right now, and I don't want to stop writing just yet."

Chris, we will certainly be waiting with baited breath for that next record! 

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