Company Will Press Your Ashes Into A Vinyl Record

As creepy as this sounds, it's kind of a cool idea for music lovers!

What if long after you're dead and gone you could leave behind a legacy via music?

A UK company called Anvinyly is offering the opportunity to press your ashes into a vinyl record. They actually have a process that will do this.

Not only that, but the record itself can include whatever you want it to! Want all your favorite songs to be on there? You can do it. Want a personal message from yourself which could include your last will and testament? You ca do that too! You can even have music written/produced for you for a fee!

The company literally offers all different sorts of packages that can be set up for after you're gone.

Interested? Check out their different options at their site HERE, and check out a video documenting the process below.

Cole Selleck

Cole Selleck

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