The Office's Pam Beesly Allowed Back At Chili's Restaurant!

Fans of longtime NBC Tv series The Office will be happy to know that character Pam Beesly is allowed to eat at Chili's again! Hah!

If you know the show well, you'll remember the episode early on in which all the characters went to the popular restaurant chain for the Dundie Awards! At that same ceremony the character Pam got too drunk and was given a ban from going there for 11 years!

Poking fun at the episode of the show Jenna Fischer, who portrayed Beesly, took a picture outside of a Chili's asking if she should go in. Of course this sent Office fans in an uproar, and then the restaurant got in on the action.

Not only did they tweet back, but they even sent out a press release welcoming her back!

Glad to see there's still hope left in this world! 

Cole Selleck

Cole Selleck

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