Smash Mouth Reveals Original All-Star Lyrics...

We all know Smash Mouth's classic track "All-Star," right?

Odds are you've heard the song more times than you can possibly count on all kinds of movie's soundtracks.

Well, today the band shared an interesting little tidbit on Twitter, via the song's original handwritten lyrics!

While a lot of the song remains the same, one scrapped lyric makes the song a lot darker than we give it credit for.

The finished song that we know and love makes it seem like it's about reaching for the stars and going after what you believe in...or something like that. However, it seems the song may not have been intended to be so chipper. They may have actually been trying to warn us that being a celebrity ain't all that cool afterall.

If you look at the line on the sheet that we know as "only shooting stars will break the mold," you'll see a different line is crossed out. What was the original line? "wave bye bye to your soul." 

A lot darker, right?? Take a look:

Cole Selleck

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