Kevin Smith Making A New Jay & Silent Bob Movie

Exciting news in the world of movies! Director Kevin Smith has announced his much-loved stoner buddies Jay And Silent Bob will be returning to the big screen!

The characters (played by Jason Mewes and Smith himself) will be returning for somewhat of a sequel to 2001's Jay And Silent Bob Strike Back.

The characters are well known for appearing in many of Smith's movies, two of which were SUPPOSED to have sequels but have since been scrapped. Clerks 3 lost it's lead actor and Mallrats 2 was supposed to turn into a TV show but it couldn't find a network.

It looks like the movie, which is now just being called "Jay And Silent Bob Reboot," WILL actually be happening though.

According to Smith's new Instagram post, the movie will poke fun at all the reboots that have been coming out. I REALLY hope this actually comes together because it's totally time to revisit that universe! 

Check out Smith's post below.

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Cole Selleck

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