Love Actually Is (Sorta) Getting A Sequel!

If you're like me, you absolutely love the very charming 2003 movie Love Actually! The movie which had a fantastic cast of mostly all British actors is returning for a sequel...sorta!

While the movie isn't really returning to the big screen or for even a full length feature, mostly all the characters are returning for something special!

Now 14 years later we will find out what happened to the characters in the movie. How so? They're reuniting for a short sequel that will happen during this year's Red Nose Day charity event.

Director Richard Curtis has explained why he chose to do a little sequel to show what the characters are up to now:

"I would never have dreamt of writing a sequel to Love Actually, but I thought it might be fun to do 10 minutes to see what everyone is now up to. Who has aged best? I guess that’s the big question … or is it so obviously Liam? We’ve been delighted and grateful that so many of the cast are around and able to take part – and it’ll certainly be a nostalgic moment getting back together and recreating their characters 14 years later.”

It's said that every actor from the original movie (which includes Liam Neeson, Keira Knightley, Hugh Grant, and more) will appear...except for Emma Thompson who's character was very much involved with the character played by Alan Rickman who has since passed away.

The sequel will first air on British Red Nose Day in The UK on March 24th and will re-air in the US on NBC on May 25th! Count me in. 

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