James Earl Jones Will Play Mufasa Again In Lion King Movie!

One of the most devastating scenes in movie history is definitely the one in The Lion King when we have to say goodbye to Mufasa, right?

Well, it looks like we will be enduring said scene again when the movie hits theaters in a new live action format! 

As is the trend these days (like with Beauty And The Beast), a bunch of Disney animated movies are being remade in live action. Now the Lion King is doing that with director Jon Favreau taking on the project.

But how do you have any other voice besides that of the iconic James Earl Jones taking on Mufasa? In this case you don't!

Favreau revealed, via Twitter, that Earl Jones will take on the role of Mufasa again in the live role, with actor Donald Glover playing Simba!

That's pretty exciting! Take a look at the announcements below.

Cole Selleck

Cole Selleck

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