Jack Antonoff To Live-Score "The Breakfast Club!"

Jack Antonoff is a man of MANY talents which include being the frontman of Bleachers, acting, producing, etc. 

His work, particularly that with his own band Bleachers, definitely has a very 80's vibe to it! I've always said their track "Rollercoaster" sounds like it's from a John Hughes movie.

Having said that he would be the perfect choice to compose a new score for classic movie "The Breakfast Club," right? Well, that's exactly what's happening!

For one night in LA, Jack will be live-scoring the movie as it's shown! Yes, a new score for the movie being done LIVE.

Love this! It's happening on April 1st. On doing this Jack says:

"I chose 'The Breakfast Club' because I think about that film often when I write. There are certain films and feelings that remind me of where I'm from.

"I grew up in suburban New Jersey in a similar state of strange boredom as 'The Breakfast Club.' I constantly thought about getting out, and that feeling is so present in this film. A lot of my world now is looking back at that time period from different vantage points."

Love this idea! Can we get this to happen in Philly too??

Cole Selleck

Cole Selleck

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