WATCH: Dude Drums Along To Famous "It's Always Sunny..." Scene

This is pretty incredible! 

Speech actually has a specific rhythm and flow to it and this guy proved that in the best way possible!

Meet Irish drummer David Dockery who is going viral for creating a super cool drum beat to a classic scene from TV show "It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia." 

Ever see the famous scene from the show where Charlie freaks out over Pepe Silvia? Well, Dockery spent a ton of time dissecting the rhythm to it and made this really cool jazz arrangement with it.

How did he do this?

“There’s an app I use called AB repeat player. That lets me isolate a tiny portion of the clip, like a sentence, and then loop it over until I get the rhythm of it. Then I just think of the best way to phrase it. So I worked through it bit by bit like that, it probably took around 11 hours total.”

Check it out below!

Cole Selleck

Cole Selleck

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