Green Day Bringing Fans Onstage Led To The Formation Of The 1975!

How incredibly cool!

I don't know how many people have heard this story, but it was news to me! Did you know that The 1975 may never have formed if it wasn't for Green Day? True story!

If you've ever been to a Green Day show, you know at every stop frontman Billie Joe Armstrong brings up a fan onstage to play guitar with him, right? It's a long standing tradition in the Green Day world. A bunch of kids have gone up to play? Did you also know that one of those kids was Matthew Healy aka the frontman of The 1975? 

YES! In a new interview with Rolling Stone Billie Joe talked about the tradition and dropped that bit of knowledge that I had never heard!

Here's the part where he mentions how the tradition started and goes on to talk about The 1975:

“We were playing a show in New Orleans and having a rough time. I just remember feeling like it was a drag,” said Armstrong. “I remember going, ‘I don’t want to play anymore. Who else wants to play?’ So we brought someone up onstage and when the kid started playing, the whole room lit up and it changed the show for me. It was an amazing experience.”

 “I think some kids ended up forming bands because of that. I think that’s what happened to the guy from the 1975.”

WHAAAT?? I had never heard this story before.  Last year Healy did an interview with Spin where he told the story of the impact on him from going onstage with Billie Joe and the guys at 13!

“Mike Dirnt was f*cking there. I jumped up, and he put his bass on me…10,000 people in f*cking Newcastle Arena!” Exclaimed Healy. “It was a defining moment for me. Looking out and thinking, ‘OK, this is awesome.’ I still have the pick.”

Another reason to thank the Green Day dudes!! 

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