Signal Lights Being Removed From EZ Pass Toll Booths On PA Turnpike

Are you an avid driver down the PA turnpike like me? Do you use an EZ Pass to get yourself through the tolls quicker like me? 

Well, if you're like me you also may have been super confused when you drove through and the light didn't turn green! Did I not pay my bill? Will I get fined? What's going on here?

Apparently it's normal, as they're doing away with the signal lights!'s being reported that the signal lights are disappearing. 


“This has to do with safety and innovation, as well as giving the customer value by moving traffic as efficiently as possible,” said commission spokeswoman Rosanne Placey. Federal guidelines prohibit lane upgrades without removing the 16-year-old signal lights, she said.

I mean...that's all well and good but it makes me nervous not knowing if my EZ Pass was read correctly or not! 


Cole Selleck

Cole Selleck

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