New Paramore Coming This Week??

UPDATE: Hayley has confirmed that the tweet was fake by sending us a real tweet:



Though I saw a few different sources post the Hayley tweet, including people saying they "saw it" before it was deleted, it's unfortunately now being reported as a fake. As much as I was hoping it was true as much as everyone else, it was speculation and reported as such. It's easy to make a fake tweet, and until proven otherwise, it looks like this was a fake tweet that went viral. I will keep my eyes peeled to see if anything changes! 

Might the wait for new Paramore music be coming to an end this week?

It sure looks like it!

I mean we know Hayley and the guys are finished the long awaited album, right? And we figured new music would be happening soon, right? But is soon this week?

So, here's the deal: earlier today frontwoman Hayley Williams posted a tweet just saying the word: Friday. She then deleted said tweet. Of course this wasn't before it was captured and saved by frenzied fans. So what was she trying to say was happening Friday? Sure seems like new music to me. Is it still happening, though? 

Hmmm..check out a capture of the tweet below.

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