The Original 90's Tamagotchi Being Re-Released!

90's kids: guess what's back??

Remember the Tamagotchi toy that took the world by storm when you were a kid?

I had one, and couldn't for the life of me keep it alive! Maybe now I'll have another opportunity!

While there have been new versions of it in more recent years (which included a phone app), this is the first time the OG 90's version of the toy is returning.

HOWEVER, you have to be in Japan to buy it as of now. YUP, the old version is currently only being re-released in Japan where it originated. 

It's selling for 2,000 Yen in Japan, but maybe you can grab one online? Or maybe we will see a US release soon?? 

Here's a Japanese commercial for the re-release! 

Cole Selleck

Cole Selleck

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