Fear Factor Coming Back To TV!

Another classic show returning to TV? INDEED! 

Remember the old show Fear Factor? Yes, I'm referring to the one that was hosted by Joe Rogan where contestants had to do outrageous things to win money.

Well, guess what? The show is coming back!

This time it'll be on MTV, and instead of Rogan it'll be hosted by the one and only Ludacris!

This time around they're looking to target a younger audience as well! So instead of just eating spiders they'll tackle "millennial fears," like "couch surfing at 300 feet" and waterlogging cell phones.

Inspired by urban legends, scary movies and online videos from the zeitgeist, contestants will be pushed beyond their comfort zones where their body's physiological responses will take over. Each hourlong episode will feature eight contestants pairing up in four teams of two — think siblings, college rivalries, roommates, best friends, co-workers and exes — and facing off for a cash prize.

The new show is signed on for 12 episodes and will premiere on May 30th!

Check out more info HERE!

Cole Selleck

Cole Selleck

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