Cell Phone Thief Arrested At Coachella With Over 100 Phones!!

What an awful story with a very happy ending!

When you go to Coachella Music Festival you expect to have a great time checking out some great music, right?

Well, for the most part that's what people got...BUT a bunch of people had their cell phones stolen!

YUP...it was reported that a man was walking around Coachella with the mission to steal people's cell phones. 

Luckily the story does end well as the man (Reinaldo De Jesus Henao) was caught...with over 100 smart phones in his backpack.

How did they catch him? After some festival-goers realized their phones were missing they turned on the "Find My Phone" app and followed the guy around the grounds. He was later detained and arrested!

Score one for justice!! 

Cole Selleck

Cole Selleck

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