TRL Returning To MTV!!

Is MTV bringing back music videos? 

It sure looks like it! How so? With the return of a very popular tv show! 

Remember TRL? The show, which stands for Total Request Live, is set to make a comeback on the network with a bit of a twist!

The original show was a music video countdown program, counting down the biggest music videos of that day. While it had a number of different hosts through it's run, the most popular was Carson Daly.

Now the show is coming back May 12th with the same format but a different name: MTV Live. 

"That ability to be live, in culture — not responding to it but driving it — is where we belong," MTV President Chris McCarthy told AdWeek.

The show will, once again, be set in Times Square in New York City and have a running time of about 3-4 hours.

No other details have been revealed just yet, including who will be at the helm of the show this time around! I feel like Carson Daly has to come back at some point, right? 

Cole Selleck

Cole Selleck

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