New Ant Species Named After Radiohead

You know how you realize you've really made it in the music business? When an ant species is named after your band!

Okay so maybe it doesn't happen too often...but it did happen to Radiohead! Thom and the band just had a new species of ant named after them!

There is a type of ant from South America that farm their own food called Sericomyrmex or "silky ant." 

There are now three different species of this ant which differ a bit because "the female ants are covered in a white, crystal-like layer with an as-of-yet unknown function."

The scientists who discovered it dubbed one of them "Sericomyrmex radioheadi."

Hah! Why?

The name is meant to both honor Radiohead’s music and “acknowledge the conservation efforts of the band members, especially in raising climate-change awareness.”

Cole Selleck

Cole Selleck

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