The Eagles Suing Hotel Called "Hotel California"

Ever been to The Hotel California in Mexico? 

Well, while it might be a "lovely place," it's not the lovely place The Eagles sing about in their classic hit song! They want us to know this, and are suing the hotel to make sure we do!

YUP...The Eagles are suing The Hotel California.

See the thing is the "Hotel California" in the song is inspired by The Beverly Hills Hotel not the hotel in Mexico...but the one is Mexico seems to be capitalizing from the song, and now they're getting sued!

The band is now suing the hotel in a Los Angeles court for “actively encourag[ing]” their patrons to think of the place as “Hotel California.”

The hotel apparently plays music by the band throughout, and sells T-shirts calling the hotel "legendary."

They say the hotel is making it seem like they were the inspiration for the song, and it's not the case. 

Oh boy. Check out more on the lawsuit HERE, and take a listen to the classic song!

Cole Selleck

Cole Selleck

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