LISTEN: Grouplove - "MRI"

Just when we thought it might be a while before we heard new stuff from Grouplove, it turns out we were wrong!

Though the band had to stop most of their tour, they will be releasing brand new music tomorrow! 

The new music comes to us in the form of a new EP called "Little Mess." The EP is an extension of the band's latest album "Big Mess," and includes some favorites of the band that didn't make it to the original album.

One of those favorites comes to us today! The new track is called "MRI," and you can take a listen below!

Speaking about the song member Hannah Hooper said:

“Sometimes we have experiences where it feels like it's the end of the world. This song is about talking yourself down from that space. This EP is an extension of our album. It reveals more of the darker side of life we've been going through. We were so caught up and delusional in the making of 'big mess' that we left out some of our favorite songs; that's why we are putting out ‘little mess'."

Cole Selleck

Cole Selleck

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