Liam Neeson Showed Up To Sandwich Shop That Offered Him Free Food!

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Fantastic actor Liam Neeson has a particular set of skills. One of those skills is knowing when to show up for a GREAT DEAL.

See The Big Star Sandwich Co. shop in Vancouver, Canada knew that Neeson was nearby filming a movie and offered him free food via their outdoor sign.

When you hear #LiamNeeson is filming in #downtownnewwest

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To the shop's surprise Liam not only saw it but took advantage of their offer showing up later that same day!

According to the shop he walked in and immediately said "Where is my free sandwich?" in the same manor as his character from Taken! Hah! LOOK;

Holy f**k, it worked! #liamneeson

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This is amazing! The shop has since even gave Neeson his very own sandwich!

Today's feature is the Neeson! Lot's of beef, a one-two-punch of bacon and hickory sticks, and spice that'll get revenge on you tomorrow! #AlwaysHearty #SandwichLife

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