Frank Iero Responds To Gerard Way's My Chemical Romance Reunion Talk

Every so often rumors arise that the guys of My Chemical Romance are coming back together for a reunion!

Just yesterday those rumors were flying again...but this time they seemed more credible. This time they were based on an interview with frontman Gerard Way!

In said interview Way said he "wouldn't count out" a reunion.

Well, of course this sent fans into a frenzy. You may want to calm down though as other MCR member Frank Iero seems a lot less positive about those rumors.

Based on Way's response, a fan asked Iero what's going on via social media and here's his response:


Hmmm...well, that certainly sounds a lot less positive. I think it's safe to say the reunion, if happening, isn't being planned anytime soon. Womp womp.

Cole Selleck

Cole Selleck

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