New Killers Album Out September 20th??

It's been a long long time (2012) since the world has been gifted with a new album from The Killers.

We all know that's about to change though! I mean the guys have been working on a new album for some time now! But has it been revealed exactly when we get said new album?

The news may have been leaked yesterday!

Surprisingly enough we might have gotten some insider info from Australian Sports!! For real.

See, the band is scheduled to perform at the finals of the AFL  (Australian Football League). While reporting about it, sportscaster Fox Footy (what a name) seems to have subtly dropped news about when the band's single AND album is coming!

Here's what he says:

The band will release its first album since 2012 just 10 days before the AFL’s showcase event on September 30 and have been on the league’s wishlist for some time, with rumours first circulating via 3AW Radio last month that they could be headed down under.

They are also set to release their new single ‘The Man’ on Thursday June 15. this means we get a new song next week and an album on September 20th?!? September 20th is a Wednesday and normally albums drop on Friday...but maybe that's different in Australia? 

The band haven't commented just yet!

Cole Selleck

Cole Selleck

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