Pictures Of Jack Antonoff's Bedroom Exhibit!

The new Bleachers album "Gone Now" is out now, and Jack Antonoff and the band are touring across the country in support! 

Not only is Jack bringing himself to a city near you, but he's also bringing along a really cool travelling exhibit! The exhibit is Jack's childhood bedroom! YES! He actually picked up the bedroom where he wrote so much of the music we know and love and is bringing it on tour.

Thanks to listener Anthony Lemma we now get a great look at that exhibition! Anthony attended the Radio1045 Birthday Celebration this past weekend and took some great pictures of Jack's travelling bedroom.

This is seriously real cool to see. You see a bunch of the artists Jack listened to when getting inspiration (via CDs and records), as well as cool items from his prior bands Steel Train and Fun.! What a great idea from Jack. 

Check out some of Anthony's pictures below!

Cole Selleck

Cole Selleck

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