Was Lorde Running A Secret Instagram Account About Onion Rings?


It's not every day I write a story this ridiculous sounding...and I love it! 

This week Lorde releases her brand new album "Melodrama." In her spare time has she also secretly been running an Instagram account dedicated to reviewing different kinds of onion rings? Hah! As bizarre as it sounds, people seem to think it's true!

So, here's the story: there was Insta account called @onionringsworldwide with only 24 followers. Many of those followers had some sort of association with Lorde. Even Crazier, many of the onion rings were from places Lorde happened to be around at the time! They also say the language used is similar to hers, and the fingers seen in the pictures look like Lorde's fingers. Hah!

When Lorde's people were contacted regarding her involvement with said account that was reviewing onion rings, the page was quickly deleted.

Of course before it happened the posts were saved:


So, will we ever find out if this really was Lorde's page? Is she really that obsessed with onion rings?

Cole Selleck

Cole Selleck

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