Paramore's "Riot" Turned 10 This Week!

Back in 2005 I went to a VERY small club to see 4 bands play. If you had told me that the very first band I saw that night, a band called Paramore, would be the one currently selling out arenas I would probably be surprised...until I saw them at least.

After seeing that band that evening, I knew there was something special there. Fast forward to two years later and the band released an album that propelled them to major stardom. That album is "Riot." 

It has now been 10 years since that album was released! That's right...Paramore released "Riot" 10 years ago this week.

While the band has made some changes in lineup and in sound this is an album that still very much holds up today. I LOVE this album from start to finish. From power pop singles, rocking anthems, grand ballads, and everything in between this is an album that has been imitated but never duplicated.

Happy 10th birthday, Riot!

In honor of the album's birthday, and today being throwback Thursday, take a listen to it in full below! 

Cole Selleck

Cole Selleck

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