Imagine Dragons Opened An Arcade!

This might be the coolest celebration of an album coming out that I've ever seen!

This Friday the Imagine Dragons boys release new album "Evolve," and to celebrate the band opened an old school arcade!

SUPER COOL, right? The arcade was a pop up thing and only opened in Canada for two days (Saturday and Sunday).

So why did the guys do it? I mean their recent artwork does look like something out of an old school video game...and the guys just really like video games!

The band turned a regular agency office into an arcade and even stopped by to play themselves!

“If you look at the artwork, for “Believer,” it’s kind of in this digital, crazy universe. In some ways, having the arcade games there is thematic,” drummer Daniel Platzman told us. “But mostly it’s an excuse to have all of the games that we personally enjoy at our fingertips.”

Take a look at some pics/videos:

Cole Selleck

Cole Selleck

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