WATCH: Chaos Outside Twenty One Pilots Hometown Show

The Twenty One Pilots guys are currently in the midst of their Tour De Columbus: a bunch of shows in their hometown in Ohio. 

If there's one thing we've learned from said shows it's that when Twenty One Pilots go home the entire town joined them.

The band already played two shows in the tour The  Basement (holding 300) and Newport Music Hall (holding 1700). 

While I haven't heard anything crazy about those first two shows, it's tonight's show that looks a little worrisome. Tonight's show is a sold out one at EXPRESS LIVE!  and holds 5,200 people. 

The problem? 5,000 fans (many of which flew from across the country) want to be the first ones into the building...and are lining up super early. 

While the venue doesn't let people camp out overnight before shows, fans found loopholes and decided to make their stay across the street and in local parks. It was at 6 AM this morning )when people were actually allowed to line up) that the chaos happened with stampedes of fans running at full force towards the venue. Naturally the cops were onsite as well!

I mean, I just hope nobody got hurt in the process of all this! We know how loyal TOP fans are though...especially the "fairly local" ones...

Check out some video:

Cole Selleck

Cole Selleck

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