Foo Fighters Glastonbury Fest Tour Rider

With a band the size of The Foo Fighters playing a music festival the size of Glastonbury, you'd expect them to have some pretty high demands, right?

I mean you hear those stories of these big bands that ask for crazy items on their Tour Riders, but Foo Fighters definitely aren't one of them!

The people of NME have shared The Foo Fighters' tour rider from Glasto Fest, and it's surprisingly VERY reasonable! 

Here's what's on there:

  • 1 x Fiji water
  • 1 x Schwepps soda water
  • 1 x Coconut water
  • 1 x Pom Juice
  • 1 x 12 pack of Diet Coke
  • 1 x Fresh orange juice
  • 1 x Ocean Spray cranberry juice
  • 1 Case of Vitamin Water
  • 1 Case of Red Bull
  • 1 Case of Gatorade
  • 1 Pack of Starbucks coffee beans
  • 1 x Fat free organic milk
  • 1 x Edensoy milk
  • 1 Pack of avocados
  • 1 Pack of tomatoes
  • 1 Dark chocolate bar
  • 1 Pack of bananas
  • 1 Pack of apples
  • 1 Pack of pears
  • 1 Pack of kiwi fruit
  • 1 Pack of seedless grapes
  • 1 Jar of peanut butter

I love how easy-going these guys are! I mean, they just want to go out there and play the music...and eat some pears of course!

Cole Selleck

Cole Selleck

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