Smash Mouth Not A Fan Of Jon Sudano

Well, this is kinda sad.

Remember our local friend Jon Sudano? He's the dude who constantly covers Smash Mouth hit "All-Star" to the tune of a bunch of other songs!

Turns out the band isn't really a fan of Jon! 

Yup...frontman Steve Harwell sat down for an interview regarding their 20th anniversary as a band, and they were asked about Jon and his viral covers.

STEREOGUM: So how sick are you of “All Star” and all the memes? Do you get tired of it?

HARWELL: You know, I try not to pay attention to social media very much. I try not to personally read and look at all that shit. But I think it’s cool that “All Star” has made such a resurgence — we do have a team of people that are working that stuff regularly, helping work our social media. And all of us are personally involved in the things we tweet out and post. But in terms of all the memes and blogs, I don’t look at that stuff much.

STEREOGUM: Was there one that you particularly disliked?

HARWELL: You know, that big guy, I can’t remember his name. [Jon Sudanoed.] I don’t like his.

Ouch. Sorry Jon! 

Cole Selleck

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