Former Foo Fighters Drummer Says Dave Grohl Is A Bully

Anything I've ever seen or heard about Dave Grohl has been praise for what a genuinely nice guy he is. However it seems someone has seen a very different side of Dave.

Former Foo Fighters drummer William Goldsmith has spoken about his time with the band (from 95-97) when recording 1997's The Colour And The Shape album. Turns out he didn't have a great time working with Dave comparing him to a bully!

Talking with The Daily Mail he said:

“Apparently Dave was going to re-record a few of the songs. I don't know if the producer told him to keep going, or what. But the next thing you know all of the work I had done was gone except for one or two of the tracks."

After seeing what happened to his work he said he felt "creatively raped."

“It was a way of describing how it felt—when you put that much of yourself into something, and then without you even knowing, it is completely destroyed from existence. Management, the producers and Dave, I think they all wanted Dave to play drums on that record.”

"The impression I had got from people who were flies on the wall when Nirvana was recording was that Kurt had been very definite on what he wanted and Dave had to do it. I think his inability to allow people to collaborate with him after that, came from Kurt having things a certain way and him reacting to his frustrations."

“The versions Dave did were very similar. I am not saying I am an amazing drummer—the work that I did was not bad. He was a bit like the kid who is popular but is mean and everyone likes them." 

"If he feels bad about how things went then why hasn't he tried to get a hold of me?"

Hmm...while I can definitely see Dave being a perfectionist, I can't really imagine him being a bully from so many good things people say after working with him. Is he just disgruntled over what happened? 

Cole Selleck

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