Gwen Stefani Being Sued By Fan That Broke Their Leg

It'll be interesting to see how this one plays out. 

A "fan" of No Doubt singer Gwen Stefani is suing Stefani! But why? Because she broke her leg at a Stefani concert last summer!

The story is that at a Stefani show last July in North Carolina Stefani noticed a lot of open seats in the pavilion, and encouraged fans on the lawn to come forward and fill the seats! Apparently Gwen yelled  “Just fill in anywhere you like! Who cares about your lawn chairs? You can get new ones!” 

Nice gesture, right? Well, one fan doesn't think so and is taking her to court!

“This announcement created a stampede rush of patrons from the lawn seating area through the reserved seating area and toward the front of the performance stage, with people knocking over and breaching the security barricades and other security matter, jumping over seats in the reserved seating area, and pouring in through the aisles separating the various sections of the reserved seating area,” the suit says. 

The fan “was trampled by the rush of patrons and into a wall along the reserved seating area, causing her severe physical injuries,” which includes a broken tibia.

Gwen allegedly said  “I got in so much trouble for telling you guys to come up here!” as it was happening.

According to Spin "Stricklin is suing Stefani for allegedly causing the stampede and Live Nation for failing to protect her. She’s asking a judge to force Live Nation and Stefani to each pay her $75,000 and is seeking unspecified punitive damages from Stefani."

Hmmm...think the fan will win this case? 

Cole Selleck

Cole Selleck

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