That Time The Killers Were On The OC

Currently The Killers are one of the biggest rock bands in the world getting ready to release new album "Wonderful Wonderful."

However, back in 2004 they were a band with a new album on one of the biggest TV shows in the world!

Remember the show The OC? It has since LONG been canceled, but in '04 it was in it's second season and one of the most popular shows around. I loved the show, and I remember this episode very very well.

In the 2nd season the hangout spot the characters went to hosted a show by a not so well known band called The Killers who had released an album called "Hot Fuss." The album had yet to take off, and the band had a "show" there.

The rest as they say is history....HOWEVER it's still really fun to go back and see the band we know today on the show so many years later. 

Thanks to NME for the reminder that this happened. Ready for some nostalgia? Re-visit that time The Killers went to The OC!

Cole Selleck

Cole Selleck

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